About Us

Who We Are

Climate and Environmental Actions-South Sudan (CEA-SS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2021 as a driving force in response to rapidly increasing environmental degradation and devastating climate change impacts across South Sudan.

CEA-SS activities and operations mainly focus on environmental protection & management, environmental sensitization and awareness, Childhood environmental literacy, climate change actions and research & innovation.

Our overall goal is to find technological and non-technological solutions to climate and environmental issues affecting South Sudan and to unequivocally improve environmental literacy and knowledge as key prerequisites for combatting environmental and climate change impacts, amongst many others. As an organization, we tend to focus our work on cultivating a culture that would ensure our environment is safe, clean and healthy. As we define the environment in the CEA-SS context as the nature upon which we depend and visa-versa nature equally depends on us humans.

CEA-SS fraternity intends to implement various activities/programs in climate and environmentally vulnerable communities within the 10 (ten) states of South Sudan ranging from; Increasing Climate Actions activities across such communities as well as promoting smart agriculture, Promoting Efficient & Sustainable Waste Management mechanisms from source to disposal, Pollution Control & Awareness for Oil and Gas operations, ensuring Early Childhood Environmental Education & Environmental Literacy is disseminated, urban planning and promotion of clean energy mechanisms and developments through innovation and adaption to clean energy frameworks.

Our Mission

To relentlessly engage in climate actions, environmental protection, sustainability and environmental literacy in South Sudan.


To be the leading and pro-active climate and environmental organization in South Sudan with sound and outstanding environmental & climate change combat strategies, conscious and efficient environmental management and practical environmental awareness and literacy. 

Our Goals/Objectives

CEA-SS’ main and overall goals are to make South Sudan Towns and Cities, Cleaner, Safer and Environmentally Healthier for all inhabitants. Below are our objectives in detail

  • To provide technological and non-technological solutions towards South Sudan’s poor waste management and implement sound strategies and cooperative mechanisms for the inclusion of all stakeholders in the waste management framework.
  • To cultivate a culture of practices that would ensure the environment is safe, clean and healthy.  
  • To promote SDGs 13 on climate actions and implement efficient mitigation and adaptation strategies towards climate change effects in South Sudan. 
  • To contribute to the solution of South Sudan energy crisis by promoting the safe clean and efficient management of oil and gas waste generation and disposal. 
  • To promote the idea of energy transition in order to embrace clean energy that would substantially reduce the CO2 emission.
  • To campaign for the planting of trees and different species of plants within the framework of Greener South Sudan agenda and promote sustainable reforestation. 
  • To foster partnerships with national and/or international stakeholders and government of South Sudan on enhancing the fight against poor environmental practices, actions and behaviors.
  • To work with businesses, community groups and our neighbors to improve the place we live in and do business by implementing environmental projects/programs that benefit our community socially and economically.
  • To improve the environmental quality of our community by working together to create a clean and safe place to live and work for future generations.